Jason Eppink (jasoneppink) wrote,
Jason Eppink

N95 bluetooth modem settings for Leopard

I finally got my N95 back on Thursday. The original device wasn't repairable, so Nokia sent me a new phone, and somehow that took more than a month. In short, Nokia made me look like a complete and utter fool to my friends and colleagues, and I'll never forget that. I'm buying an iPhone next time.

So now I'm in the process of re-customizing my phone, which is annoying, but also, fresh starts are nice sometimes. Here again, for the Google Gods, are the hoops you have to jump through to set your N95 to run as a bluetooth modem on your Macbook Pro, this time running Leopard OS X.5.2, if your carrier is Cingular/AT&T:
  1. Run Bluetooth Setup Assistant and configure the phone as a modem with the generic Nokia bluetooth modem script (no more need for Ross Barkman's excellent scripts).

  2. Account name is WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM and password is CINGLAR1. Everything else stays default.

  3. Once you've set up the device, on the command line "cd /dev" then "ls" and take note of how your bluetooth device is named. You should see something like "cu.Bluetooth-Modem" and "tty.Bluetooth-Modem"

  4. "cd /etc/ppp" and create a file named "options.cu.Bluetooth-Modem", or whatever the device is named in step 3.

  5. In the file, add these three lines:
  6. Save, restart, and connect!
(Creating the specific "options.<device-name>" file allows VPN or other protocols using PPP to still use CHAP authentication, which is what we disabled for the bluetooth modem. Nerdtastic!)

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